Sunday, May 9, 2021

Review: The Lake - Natasha Preston

The Lake

Review: The Lake - Natasha Preston - March 2021

One of my favorite YA Horror readers is Natasha Preston as her books are similar in style to the 90'/00's Christopher Pike/ Lois Duncan style where they are reminiscent of movies like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, etc. In The Lake by Natasha Preston, we meet Esme and Kayla who are best friends and ten years ago were campers at Camp Pine, and after that summer vowed never to go back and buried the incident - blood pact and all. Now Ten years later, the girls received brochures in the mail welcoming them back to Camp Pine with the threat, that they better be there or else. Esme is a bit more anxious as she believes someone else knows what happened and is ready to spill the beans whereas Kayla is not worried one bit and wants to spend the summer enjoying herself and hooking up with a cute guy. However, what will happen though when strange things start happening at the camp and then their fellow counselors start to notice threats and the camp find themselves torn to go to the police or stay quiet and handle it on their own. Has someone come back for revenge on not only Kayla and Esme but some of the other counselors who wronged them in the past? I also loved this book as the tagline read "The Lake never Forgets" and had a feel of Friday the 13th meets AHS 1984.

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