VBT# Broken Wing - Kathleen Maree

Broken Wing (Arthur Academy, #1)

Review: Broken Wing - Book #1 Arthur Academy - Kathleen Maree - April 2021

In the mood for another Bullymance / elite tale? Broken Wing starts with meeting Hendrix's family when she was little and we learn that she grew up in a rough family. I have to admit during the book when she's older, that we would find out what happened to Hendrix's family - may be in book #2? Hendrix James has just earned herself a scholarship to an elite private academy and with this, she can hopefully get herself a good education and a job. At school, she is befriended by Luce. It also seems that she has attracted the attention of Paxton Reed - one of the three elites of Arthur Academy aka the Kings of the school. The thing though is that Paxton isn't necessarily free to date who he wants as his father has an arrangement with Amber Westwood's family. Amber is the captain of the cheerleading squad and the Queen B and now that Pax has Hendrix in his sights, Amber is determined to make Hendrix and Pax's life as bad as they can be. Even if it means releasing a few secrets that she has up her sleeve. Broken Wing by Kathleen Maree was a good start to this new series and helped pull me out from a two-week reading rut, I have been stuck in. I am now looking forward to reading Book #2 of this series when Kathleen Maree releases it.

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