Saturday, January 22, 2011

ARC Tour : Cate of The Lost Colony

Today's book is part of the Good Golly Miss Holly ARC Tours "Cate of the Lost Colony" .

Cate of the Lost Colony

Review: Cate of the Lost Colony - Lisa Klein - October 2010

Are you a fan of the historical fiction ? Love authors like Phillipa Gregory or Eve Edwards book "The Other Countess" ? If so then this is the must-read for you. Set in the time of Queen Elizabeth I in the year 1583, Cate of the Lost Colony tells the story of Lady Catherine, one of the Queen's favourite court maidens . The story leads us to her torrid affair with Sir Walter Ralegh and what happens after she is caught. Catherine aka Cate is to banished to the Raleg's colony of Roanoke, in what is to become the New World. Along the journey , Cate becomes torn for love - the love of Walter Ralegh back home in England and her love for Manteo- a Croatoan Indian she meets on the boat ride to the New World. When Cate is confronted and made to choose between Walter or Manteo- who will she choose , the one who left her side or the one who has been with her on the boat over to the New World? Will she choose riches with Walter and the chance for royalty as wife of the leader of a colony or will Cate choose rags and be with Manteo - a lowly ship hand.
Lisa Klein's tale of Cate of the Lost Colony is not just a work of amazing fiction but she has written it in a way that the truth of what really happened in the fate of the Roanoke colonists - Cate of the Lost Colony is a novel that weaves both fiction and non-fiction together in an amazing tale.

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