Tuesday, January 18, 2011

VBT # Review : This Side of Crazy -Kimmie Thomas

Today's VBT# and Book is Part 3/3 and symbolises the end of Kimmie Thomas's time on The Phantom Paragrapher. To conclude the tour, we have today for you a review of her book "This Side of Crazy" - it is suited to R18 audiences as contains some erotic scences and Domimatrix/Submission.

This Side of Crazy

Review: This Side of Crazy -Kimmie Thomas - September 2010

Wanting a novel that well the title speaks for itself. This Side of Crazy starts off in the setting of a Domimatrix session , then flips to Maxine's life with her husband Doug and how irritating and unsettling it is as we see Doug treat her horribly . Then we see it flip over to Maxine's best friend Cally and we soon discover that Cally runs like a dating service and that Maxine works for her. Cally's husband Kyle is a PK - Preacher's Kid and Cally finding it hard to connect with her husband starts to have an affair with a guy named Blu. It soon turns out in this novel that everybody is having a sexual affair with everyone else. As for Maxine and Doug - he is cheating on her with a sex phone operator and after they split, Maxine decides to start dating Gordon but when Doug wants Maxine back, will Maxine choose Doug - the guy she has spent the last six years with or Gordon -the one she is in love with now ? Cally has tried everything to connect with her husband including counselling in marital problems, but nothing seems to work so Cally has found pleasure in another guy. What happens when Cally discovers that her husband was sleeping with her friend Cyan - will she choose her lover Blu or go back to her husband Kyle? .
As far as books go and their titles "This side of Crazy" this book rings true with its title and content.

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