Sunday, January 9, 2011

Feedback Required : Research Essay Question - Vampires


Im doing a research essay the topic is "What is about the modern vampires that appeal to the readers". I am looking for feedback of all kind and if you wish examples or to go into more detail -please email me on paulazone@live.com . Everything Welcome :)



  1. I wish vampires didn't appeal to me so much. LOL. I think the draw for me to vampire stories such as Twilight, Sookie (the books), Buffy, and the Vampire Diaries is the romance. There is always something major keeping the hero and heroine apart...the whole undead thing. Vampire stories that aren't romantic hold no interest for me.

    Good luck on your essay.

  2. Basically vampires are now HOT.
    We no longer have vamps that are creepy, old, vengeful seeking blood suckers similar to those of 'Vincent Price' type movies.
    We have sexy, appealing, my soul needs saving, young, vibrant, HOT vamps like Damon Salvatore in TVD or Eric of True Blood.......sexy and dark and smoldering vamps win out over old, hateful, creepy vamps any day!!!!


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