Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Monday Night Flight Club - Joyce Godwin Grubbs

Today's book I was weighing up whether to use the Mystery/Thriller symbol or the Christian Symbol as today's book falls into both categories , It is also falls into our Gilmore Girl Challenge and The Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge.

As the Genre of Christian Fiction begins to grow and widen , we are seeing more and more different strands or to be literature speaking sub-genres arise from Amish Christian to Historical Christian to Contemporary Christian and Edgy Christian Fiction. I have to admit that I love reading all Christian Fiction in a sense but sometimes due to my love of the unknown and out of the box feelings , I really enjoy Edgy Christian Fiction which can harness into Mental Illnesses, Domestic Violence, Thrillers and Intrigues etc.

Ive been doing as part of the Gilmore Girl Challenge Quotes for the past few books , so today for something different I have a picture of Rory in her Chilton Uniform and Lorelai in Luke's Diner.


The Monday Night Flight Club (Greyhound Lady Walking)

Review : The Monday Night Flight Club - Joyce Godwin Grubbs - November 2010

Your life will be better for having met the men in Presley’s life. Learning the pitfalls of the Knight in Shining Armor that Bristol Lee Booth exposes: the un-reserved love and respect of a father, not of one’s blood, but of one’s spirit, as revealed by Chief Gage Jackson of Pristine Springs, Arkansas. Thrill at the determination of unconditional love as lived out by Chase Daniel Grant. Revel in his dedication to be true to his dream, to himself and to the woman he loves his entire life without fail: and proves a real man’s love never fails.
Meet Presley, she was found by Officer Gage when she was 14yrs old , tied and bound with handcuffs to the local town flag pole , no one knows how she got there and her crime was unsolved, taken in by foster mother Momma Betts , Presley grew up over the next four years to be a loving and kind person . When she was 18years old Presley fell in love with a guy Bristol whom she thought was her answer to a fairytale prince, he was her Knight in Shining armour , her protector and guess what the house they lived in was like a Castle. However , on the morning before her marriage, her foster brother Chase who at that stage was 12yrs asked her to wait eight years till he was 18 as he loved her and would marry her. Presley didn't wait of course and over the next few years experienced a turmoil of a marriage with abuse, put-downs, taunts etc.
Chase on the other hand went off to Afghanistan while Presley still stayed in her marriage. Soon though many years and moons later Presley discovers her life is better off with Bristol and moves to a new town and becomes a Counsellor, counselling women who had been in the same shoes as her. Fast Forward 20ish years , Presley is now 36yrs old and making a living and a life for herself. When by chance or was it , she comes face to face with Bristol - her so called ex-husband. At the same time , she discovers that Bristol lied about a whole lot of things when Presley is given a second chance to meet up with Momma Betts and Chase.
Has Chase and Presley's love for one another changed or is it still strong enough to rekindle and have their second chance at happiness ? Find out in The Monday Night Flight Club. A book that I recommend all women Christian or Non-christian should sit back and read.

If you have never had a “She-ro”, prepare to meet Presley Lynn Powers and know that never again will you look at women in the same way. Her dignity, strength and sense of purpose will propel you into a new mindset for your life and its meaning.

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