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Review : Breathless - Jessica Warman

Todays Book falls into the Support Your Local Library Challenge as it's from Tauranga Library , Its a Teen Fiction and as an avid reader Ive decided to go with the Rory Gilmore part of the Gilmore Girl Challenge which is too read 20 Books from 4 Different Genres. So What Ive decided to do is 4 goes into 20 - 5 times so I will be reading 5 books from 4 Different Genres. The Genres will be Teen General Fiction , Mystery/Thriller , Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction (though technically this is more of a category than genre).


Review : Breathless - Jessica Warman - August 2010

Breathless didn't only fall into that category of a Boarding School Novel in the tradition of Upper East Side Gossip Girl and "Private Novels" by Kate Brian. It also fell into the tradition of novels that touch of edgy topics like Melody Carlson and Ellen Hopkins - two of my favourite ECT (Edgy Content Teens) authors, though if asked I could provide a nice lengthy list :).
Breathless tells the story of Katie aka Kathryn whose family is definitley the dysfunctional kind. Her mother is an artist whose semi-conscious some of the time , her father a pyschiatrist is nicknamed "The Ghost" as he's not always around and when he is it's not like he's around much and her older brother Will has early Schizophrenia. After his latest escapade where he tried to hurt himself, Katie is shipped off to Boarding school where she meets new friends, makes a life for herself and meets guys and soon realises though that not everybody is who they say they are. What happens when Katie hoping to impress tells a wee lie , that is exposed ? Will everything she worked for be destroyed or will it only make her stronger.
For an amazing tale of Family, Relationships, Friends this book as the title reads it will leave you "Breathless" as you turn each page with anticipation and wowness.

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