Monday, January 17, 2011

Review : Voices of the Faithful Book #2 - Kim. P Davies & Beth Moore

Today's Book is supplied from Booksneeze - http://www.booksneeze.com/ , they are great if you are a book reviewer and love reading Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction.  Today's book as we start 2011 , I thought was a great one to review. Trust me, when I say this -the picture does not do the cover and book justice . I think before I fell in love with this book, I fell for the cover first.

Voices of the Faithful - Book 2: Inspiring Stories of Courage from Christians Serving Around the World

Review: The Voices of the Faithful - Book #2 - Kim P Davis and Beth Moore - Dec 2010

As a new year dawns on us , It's time for all those Christians and even Non-Believers to get their mind,body and spirit into doing daily devotionals. The one thing I enjoy about Daily devotionals is that they don't take up that much time - say 10 -15 minutes max and you can do them just before you head to bed or first thing in the morning before work or if you are really pressed for time then on your morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea break.  The Voices of the Faithful was so amazing and is an awesome companion and devotional guide to anyone who has read the DC Talk and Newsboys JesusFreaks and Revolution Martyr books. As a teen , I loved the book Jesus Freaks as it talked about real-life examples of people young and old who had sacrificed all they known for the love of God and even in the times of their lives when they knew that they were to be persecuted even to the point of death, they still stood by their beliefs. What made it so amazing, was that this is happening all around the world and even more phenomenal was the fact that it is happening in this day and age. Voices of the Faithful each day have a story like that of a Christian who had the courage and inspiration to stand up for what they believe even though the chances of being persecuted was quite likely and with a high probability. Each Devotion starts with a memory verse , an inspirational story and a short prayer. This book contains just the dates of the year , so it can be re-used the following year and so forth. I put it out to all , if you have not yet picked up a devotional guide for 2011, head to your Christian Bookshops and choose Voices of the Faithful Book #2 and you won't regret it.

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