Sunday, January 9, 2011

Review : Winter's Awakening - Shelley Shepard Gray

Todays book is Book #2 of the Gilmore Girl Challenge and falls into the category of Christian Fiction.
Tristan: And she's reading again. How novel.
                                                           Rory: Good-bye, Tristan.
                                                    Tristan: Did you get the novel thing? Because...
Rory: I said good-bye.
"A Quote when they are lined up from Prom Tickets at Chilton"

Winter's Awakening: Seasons of Sugarcreek, Book One

Review : Winter's Awakening - Shelley Shepard Gray- Book #1 Seasons of Sugarcreek Series - Feb 2010

After reading Shelley Shepard Gray's series "Sisters of the Heart" I was excited to read Winter'a Awakening, the first in a new series by her "the Seasons of Sugarcreek". Now Im not sure if It was because the theme of Amish Village wasn't what I was needing right now but I found Winter's Awakening not to be as exciting and thrilling as her Sisters of the Heart series. Though in saying all that, I still enjoyed Winter's Awakening and can't wait to get my hands on Book #2 Spring's Renewal.  Winter's Awakening takes us to the heart of a small Amish town called Sugarcreek which sounds such a sweet (not to be ironic) place to live. In the town of Sugarcreek we meet main characters Gretta and Joshua whom know what they are meant to do - marry as they have courted for years, but when Joshua starts to get cold feet and his eyes start wandering to the new girl in their village Lily , he starts to question whether his future with Gretta is meant to be and when another amish villager Roland starts to show the interest in Gretta that Joshua has hidden away, Gretta starts to consider a What If ? relationship without Joshua.  Soon we see as fast as they got together both Gretta and Joshua drift apart , but when they look at the big picture are these two meant to be together and only will they with God's grace and faith will they overcome the obstacles needed.
The other aspect that I love about Christian Fiction is that at the back of the books they have a discussion guide for Readers , so that once you have finished the story -you can sit back and reflect.

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