Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Secret Lives of Dresses - Erin McKean

The good thing about moving into 2011 is the chance to review new 2011 books and today's one is a new Chicklit type novel that also has a spin of Contemporary Romance to add to the book challenge. This book is for anyone who loved A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolfe and Vintage Alice by Jessica Adams or in general , any women who loves Vintage clothing.
The Secret Lives of Dresses

                         Review :The Secret Lives of Dresses - Erin McKean - 13 January 2011

Are you the type of person who whenever they buy something vintage or secondhand wonders about the tale behind it, or the life it lived ? Read and enjoyed books like A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolfe, A Black Tie Affair by Sherill Bodine ? If so then The Secret Lives of Dresses is right up your fashion sense and style.
Dora Winston's life has been anything but going places ever since she packed up, left her grandmothers and headed to college. Now stuck in a dead-end coffee shop job , a boss she is head over heels with but he doesn't notice her and somebody who lacks fashion sense. When her grandmother falls ill , Dora packs up and heads home to North Carolina. It is here that Dora realises that she has lost her love and passion for fashion especially Vintage clothing. When Dora takes over her grandmother's Vintage clothing shop , she soon rediscovers herself as she finishes a project Mimi liked to do with the clothes - "The Secret Lives of Dresses- each item of clothing with a story to tell". In this we see Dora finding about her past and more importantly her future with the hunky builder Con - rad not man.

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  1. Sounds a good read with a starbucks coffee on the go cuddled up in from of a chimney fire. Very good.



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