Friday, January 7, 2011

Review : Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver

Today's book is Book #1 of the Support Your Local Library Challenge and also one more to add to the Outdo"ing" myself Challenge. Have you noticed that the majority of teen books these days are getting bigger in size, its almost quite daunting really as it can put readers off actually picking up the books as Im sure if I hadn't heard about this book and then afterwards read the blurb and thought that sounds up my alley, I probably wouldn't have picked it up.

Before I Fall

Review : Before I Fall - Lauren Oliver - March 2010

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver is like the movie Groundhog Day mixed with Valentine's Day (the movie with Ashton Kutcher) for Teens. It starts off as a normal day -Cupid Day . The day where everyone gets roses from their loved ones and however many roses you get also counts towards your popularity. Then moves onto lunch and an invitation to a high bschool party and then the pretense of "having sex with the boyfriend" , then being called a b***h and finally getting into the car with your friends, changing the radio station and bang,smash -your'e dead.  Sounds familiar ? It does to Samantha Kingston as what started off a normal everyday school day turned into a recurring sense of Deja Vu and it lasted a whole week. When Sam wakes up after the accident , she finds out its the morning before the accident and soon discovers that she has to relive the same day over and over again, however Sam will notice that the slightest thing can alter the day and that if she wishes , she can control the way events turned out if they had a different outcome previously. We also read as we watch Sam develop as a better judge of character and person and that sometimes we all need a second chance to step back and realise who we really are inside. Before I Fall was an excellent story that everyone should read and do not be dismayed by the amount of pages as once you get reading you will be hooked. After reading Before I Fall ,it has increased my anticipation for Delirium.

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  1. definitely sounds like something I'd read, will add it to 'the list', thanks


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