Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: The Vigilante's Bride - Yvonne Harris

Today's book is Book #1 in the Historical Christian Fiction Challenge, as I said on the previous post I have a thing for Christian Fiction and nowadays there are so many different sub-genres that stem off the main genre of Christian. Though in saying that, that's like with every genre. Im sure if you chose one specific genre e.g Romance , you could think of a list of sub-genres for that generalization.
Another favourite sub-genre of mine of Christian Fiction is "Historical Christian Fiction" - the majority of these books are western-set and the time period stamps between the late 1700's  to early to mid 1900's.
Today's book is set in December 1884 and works its way from Chicago to a small town of Billings, Montana.

Vigilante's Bride, The

Review : The Vigilante's Bride - Yvonne Harris - August 2010

Imagine back to the year 1884, it was a time when unmarried women weren't heard of and if you weren't married, then it was extremely hard to get anywhere in life. For Emily McCarthy , her life was about to spin completely upside down , as growing up in an Home for Girls all she has ever known has been in Chicago. Until one day, her advisors and teachers answer an ad for her, a rich and wealthy rancher is looking for a Christmas Bride and Emily fits the description. Angry about being shipped off to the middle of nowhere to marry a man, she knows absolutely anything about, she goes reluctantly. However , her trip is cut short as the stagecoach she is riding in his held up by a Vigilante called Luke Sullivan. Mr Axel, the man Emily is about to be wed too is responsible for destroying Luke's family and soon these two are about to embark on a journey none of them ever considered. Luke unsure of what to do exactly with Emily, takes her to the orphanage he grew up in and Emily starts to become Miss Molly's helper and assistant. Soon we see Emily and Luke's attraction for each other have its fireworks and tense moments. However, all this is shortlived as Mr Axel turns up for Emily . Will Emily abide by rules and honor the agreement with Mr Axel , a man she could never possibly love or will she follow her heart with God's prayers and become closer to Luke or is it too late when Mr Axel who doesn't like to be crossed, men got hold of Luke ?.
Gosh, in some way I am thankful that arranged marriages like this one, doesnt happen where I live and that you get to choose the one you want to be with. Though in saying that unfortunately there are still cultures where arranged marriages are the case and on the positive side as they don't know anything else it works.

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