Monday, January 24, 2011

VBT# Darrell King - "Mo Dirty - Still Stuntin"

Today's VBT # is Part 1/2 of Darrell King's tour with Pump Up Your Book - www.pumpupyourbook.com
Youv'e read the Interview with Darrell King, now check out my review of his book "Mo Dirty-still Stuntin'".

Mo' Dirty

Review: Mo Dirty- still stuntin - Darrell King- December 2010

Are you a fan of Urban Fiction especially the African-American life of Urban Fiction or Street Lit as it's sometimes called? If so, then you will definitely enjoy Darrell King's book "Mo Dirty" as the style of language is written in a way that as I have only ever seen African-Americans on TV though I guess the New Zealand equivalent are our Maoris , that it is how I can imagine them talking with their slang and shortened sentences . It is not only the style that comes across but the author has written it into the text e.g "goin' ".
In Mo Dirty, we are first introduced to a former ex-con turned pastor who has been killed by a hired assassin named Peter "Whiskey" Battle. He is a 24yr old enforcer for one of the most dangerous gangs in the city "The Bad Boyz II Syndicate" which when I read that made me think of the Will Smith and Martin Lawerence movie "Bad Boyz". Soon Peter is offered a job of a lifetime and one that will make him wealthy beyond his dreams, the underworld are combining the forces of officers gone astray to help eliminate their enemy - Chief Officer O'Mally. Soon Peter finds himself in a whole lotta danger as he finds himself involved in an affair that will bring the death of a loved one. Did he cause the death or is he the vicitm in the game ?
Find out more in "Mo Dirty". Your typical African-American Urban Lit.

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