Saturday, January 22, 2011

Literary Musings : Record Those Thoughts

Record Those Thoughts- An Intro To Diary Writing


As the New Year dawns on and hits 1st January, we all set those yearly resolutions that we aim to keep throughout the year. You know the ones, I will exercise once a week, I will not drink alcohol, and I will quit smoking. For me I always plan each year to start a diary and continue throughout the year, unfortunately like many others after the first week or so, I get bored and the resolution fades out of my head till next year. This year however I am determined to put my resolution dreams into action and keep a diary. So, as daylight hits on January 1st 20011, isn't it time for me and you to finally religiously commit to our resolutions.

When It comes to what to put into a diary, It can be anything from your deepest thoughts to those crushes you have "the I Heart (Insert name) ", to those wild nights of one-night stand passions and inner feelings, it can even include those boring everyday notes reminding you that the electrician is coming today or that horrible dentist appointment you've been dreading is coming up. For me, looking at diaries I've kept over the years, I have recorded inspirational quotes e.g Kirsten Dunst–The real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have self-confidence and try to be secure in your decision and thoughts. Other things I have written is Poems that attract my attention and my own quotes and random thoughts.

                                                                         If you need that boost of Inspiration when writing your diary then a couple of Famous diary keepers to read and be inspired include:

Real-Life Diaries – Anne Frank, Andy Warhol, Virginia Woolf and Dorothy Parker
Anne Frank's Tales from the Secret AnnexFiction – Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding, Adrian Mole Diaries by Sue Townsend and depending on what mood you're in there's Diary of a Mad Bride by Laura Wolf and Diary of a Demented Housewife by Sue Kaufman.

If a Diary's not your thing, there is an alternative: Blogging. Blogging is the online internet version of a Diary; it is becoming more and more fashionable. For those who aren't afraid for the public to read their intimate thoughts and daily ramblings, then this is definitely the way for you to go as it is becoming increasingly popular. Blogging provides an open forum to the world where you can express your feelings on everything and anything from things as simple as that awful shopkeeper who said you were bigger than you were to that awesome meal you had. It is also offers the opportunity for readers to write back and share their similar experiences with the world.

There are over 20 million different blogs and bloggers on the net. Anyone can do it, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3 and there are lots of sites that offer free blogging and who knows your blog maybe snatched up by a publishing company e.g the notorious call-girl Belle Du Jour started documenting her life on a blog and was later made into a book and then a TV Programme starring Billie Piper and another in UK was titled "Girl with a One-Track Mind". With the internet who knows what will happen, what started as a New Year's Resolution could end up a million dollar deal and changing your life.

Blogging Sites include www.blogger.com , www.blogdrive.com and www.blogspot.com (That's who I'm with – www.thephantomparagrapher.blogspot.com ), www.diarist.net and www.livejournal.com .

If you want to check out a few blogs before starting, Google offers a section titled "Blogs of Note" which includes everything from Blogs on Cab Drivers to Dieting Agonies.


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