Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ARC Tour : Fallen Angel - Heather Terrell

Today's Book is part of the ARC Tour : Fallen Angel hosted by International Book Tours on www.internationalbooktours.blogspot.com . It is such an awesome way to network with others and recieve books that you might not have had a chance to read, the only requirements is that you are happy to post overseas and that you must read and review the book within seven days. If you are a reader like me, then you'd be anxious to read it upon arrival :) Today's book also falls into the category of Paranormal Romance so I can add it to my challenge list.

Fallen Angel

Review: Fallen Angel - Heather Terrell - January 2011

When I received the book "Fallen Angel”, at first I was not sure what to expect really as was this just another average fallen angel story or did it have that extra little oomph to it . It turned out to be in the middle as I started reading it, it drew me in as in the first few chapters we were shown Ellie's aka Ellspeth's powers of vision with touch. This is when you touch somebody and you can get a glimpse of their past, present or even future. Ellie keeps having these nightmares and dreams; little does she know at the time that they are in fact a reality. When Ellie meets Michael Chase, a new guy at school it seems that they had met each other years ago in Guatemala when they were younger. Soon we are drawn into a world of mystery and intrigue, fantasy and the paranormal as Ellie and Michael discover the truth about themselves and why they have the gifts that they do. They are fallen angels, however there are two sides to every story and apparently Michael and Ellie are part of a prophecy that could release fallen angels back to their rightful places and if fallen into the wrong hands, this could terribly backfire. Can Michael and Ellie find out for themselves who they truly are and what happens when the ones they trust cannot be trusted anymore, who do the fallen Angels turn too?

This is to be the first in a new series with the next book being released in Summer 2011 which is New Zealand's Winter 2011.

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