Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review : Cross Fire - James Patterson

It's always such a thrill when you get the latest book from one of your favourite authors, well I always find it such a buzz. Today's book was James Patterson's latest in his Alex Cross Series.

To celebrate of course the Gilmore Girl Challenge , heres todays Quote :
Season 7 / Episode 22: - Bon Voyage

Lorelai Gilmore: ...Do they make flasks for hot beverages?
Rory Gilmore: Yeah, it's called a Thermos.

Cross Fire (Alex Cross)

Review: Cross Fire - Book #16 Alex Cross Series - James Patterson - November 2010

Alex Cross is back and it's not a surprise that the case he has to solve involves a whole lot of drama and mystery. With Alex Cross , comes a lot of Family drama , work commitments and the life of serial killers and pyschos. In Cross Fire we see Alex Cross's ol' enemy and ex-best friend Kyle Craig - "Mastermind" escape from prison and read as he kills an Undercover FBI agent Max Siegel and takes his place as a field agent. Meanwhile Alex Cross and his good friend/partner John Sampson are working on a sniper case that is killing some of the city's top and important men, are these ex-special forces or are they just a couple of guys who are into killing with snipers, and of course if trying to solve a few murders and stop his own and his families from happening Alex Cross is planning a wedding with Detective Bree Stone - a perfect pair that the PD has started to call Breelex -taking after the whole Brad and Angelina nickname of Brangelina and of course nothing ever goes smoothly in Alex Cross's life and marriage with his ex-wife Christina - Ali's mum back in the picture with something fishy happening.
For Alex Cross , its just another day in the life of being a Homicide Detective and a member of the Cross family and for readers, its another joy as we turn with eagerness each page.

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