Thursday, January 13, 2011

ARC Tour - The Ghost and the Goth -Stacey Kade


Today's Book is part of my first ARC Tour with Blogger Holly Taylor's site "Good Golly Miss Holly". As this book is a teen fiction and also has a hint of Ghosts , Im adding it to the Gilmore Girl Challenge and under the category of the Supernatural.

Stacey Kade'sThe Ghost and the Goth [Hardcover](2010)

                                        Review : The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade - 2010

When I first saw this book come up on Holly's ARC Tours list, I just knew I had to read it as Im going through a bit of a phase with Ghosts and the people who can hear them . Do you enjoy TV Shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer ? I do , Ive watched Seasons 1-5 of Medium and am waiting for Season 6 and own Season 1-4 of Ghost Whisperer and waiting for Season 5 to come out on DVD.
Now back to The Ghost and the Goth, from the cover which gives off a bit of a Dan Waters vibe to the inside of the book ,I was hooked. The Ghost is Alona Dare- popular, cheerleader, blonde and pretty, the one who has it all or so it seemed and The Goth is Will Killian , he likes to be left alone , dresses in black, black hair etc. However , they both have secrets and soon they are about to become known to each other. When Alona is killed and the cliche saying "I got hit by a bus" rings true, she thinks thats that until she wakes up the next morning to discover that she is a ghost and stuck on earth and nobody can see her . This is until she heads to school and discovers Will, he has a gift - he's like an Alison Dubois or Melinda Gordon -only younger and a male. He can see and hear the dead and they need him to pass messages to their loved ones so they can cross over into the light. Alona, though is about to discover what life is like for Will and starts to help him only to discover that in doing this she has signed up as his spirit guide. Alona and Will couldn't stand each other when they were both alive, now can they work together when she is dead and he's the only one who can see or help her?.
The Ghost and the Goth is not just a Ghost Whisperer type story but also has the makings of a teen romance , a bit like a reverse role of Meg Cabot's books "The Mediator" instead of Savannah being alive and Jesse dead we have Alona dead and Will very much alive. We also see the family ties between Will and his mother start to pull together closer. A lovely story and Im looking forward to reading more writings by Stacey Kade with the sequel to be released in June 2011 - Queen of the Dead.

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