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Review : Paradise Lost - Kate Brian

As the library is suddenly going on a Kate Brian "Private" series shopping spree and buying the rest of the books in the series. Ive decided to catch up on the ones Ive missed. So last week we had Book #10- Suspicion and today we have Book #9- Paradise Lost.

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 Rory Gilmore.

Paradise LostParadise Lost (Private, Book 9)

Review: Paradise Lost - Book #9- Private Series - Feb 2009

With the reprinting of the Private series comes flash new covers , though in my opinion I prefer the older covers better., The one I had and the new one is on the left, whilst the old style cover is on the right. I think the older cover gives the books a more Gossip Girl/ The Hills style to them.
In Paradise Lost we see the actions of Sabine - Arianna's half-sister , Remember Arianna was the one who killed Thomas and Sabine -the one who killed Cheyenne and harmed Ivy and Josh. We see Sabine arrested with the attemped murder of Reed and all Reed can't wait is for the end of school to finish so that she can go home and hide from the scandals.tragedies and secrets that being a Billings Girl and an Easton Academy student requires. However, when you are friends with Noelle Lange, plans don't turn out how you want them too. Noelle is heading with a group of friends to St.Barths for vacation and she has invited Reed along. It is on the island that she discovers what the girls called the "Upton Game". Upton Giles, the hottest guy around and each summer a girl will win his attention and this summer it looks like Reed is coming first. However we discover that maybe the attraction between Upton and Reed is not just a summer fling and secondly, somebody wants Upton to themselves and will stop at nothing to achieve it as we read how Reed has two near-deaths and a third that could result in being lost at sea or worse killed as she is pushed overboard at the end of the story ?
Will Reed discover who wants her dead before its too late or has Reed met her end as she plunges overboard in the last chapter on the final page.

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