ARC Tour : The Locket

Today's book is part of the Good Golly Miss Holly ARC Tours and was one that I have been waiting and literally dying to read and it was OMG Awesome. Today's ARC Tour book is "The Locket" by Stacey Jay.

The Locket

Review: The Locket- Stacey Jay- February 3rd 2011

Every now and again readers, you get that one book that you have been waiting for like "ever" to read and once you do you are glad and excited that you got to read it and even better is the fact that you got to read it before it's release date . You know those stories , that central round a piece of jewellery and that piece of jewellery has magical powers. Well that is what happened in The Locket. This locket has the power to go back and fix mistakes in the past. For Katie, her mistake was that she hooked up with her boyfriends best friend Mitch and just as she thought no-one was looking, somebody did see and ran and told her boyfriend Issac. Now on the day of Katie's birthday and anniversary, she is in a hurry and snags her grandmother's locket and just as she thought this day couldn't get worse it does. Issac has broken up with her over the kiss with Mitch. It is after this, that the book turns to the theme of Groundhog day where Katie discovers the locket has powers to go back and fix mistakes and it rewinds to the day of the kiss -two weeks ago. But little does Katie realise that playing in the past isn't like Deja Vu, your actions can change the course of the future and soon a spiralling domino effect arises. In this Katie will soon discover the course of her own future and who she is meant to be with . Is Issac , the knight in shining armour and perfect boyfriend she made him out to be or is Mitch , her perfect partner ?
Find out in "The Locket" and if you are like me and enjoyed the writings of Stacey Jay- Check out her "Undead Series".


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