Monday, January 3, 2011

You can Count on Monsters - Richard Evan Schwartz

Today's book was provided from http://www.netgalley.com/ and is the perfect homework helper guide for all those young ones at primary school especially those who need a little bit extra help with maths.

                                                               You Can Count on Monsters

                 Review : You can Count on Monsters - Richard Evan Schwartz-- February 2010

Is your child struggling with maths , needs that little bit extra help especially when it comes to factoring with prime numbers - odds and evens ?. Then You can Count on Monsters is the perfect guide with not only the ability to learn and teach your child but You Can Count on Monsters also contains the fun aspect of Monster pictures made out of the factoring trees. For me personally, Maths has never been my strong point - English I did extremely well, maths not so great. So reading this after not having done factoring for donkey years I found it a bit confusing but if I imagined myself with this book , during class at the time I was learning factoring and prime numbers it would have been perfect and made much more sense. This special “counting” book visually explores the concepts of factoring and the role of prime and composite numbers. The playful and colorful monsters are designed to give children (and even older audiences) an intuitive understanding of the building blocks of numbers and the basics of multiplication. The introduction and appendices are designed to help adult readers answer questions about factoring from their young audience. The artwork is crisp and creative, and the colors are very bright and engaging. So Parents, Teachers, Guardians - what are you waiting for, rush out now or with a click of your finger -purchase You Can Count on Monsters and you will be playing a role in your child's mathematical learning.

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