Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review : Buried Alive - J.A Kerley

Another genre that I am a fan of though, its not really that popular at the moment and I seem to be heading towards other writers and genres is the mystery/thriller. Here's a new one by one of my favourite authors J.A Kerley and another book to add to the Gilmore Girl and Support the Local Library Challenge.

Lorelai and Rory haven't seen each other in a while because of their busy schedules, and are talking on the phone about it]

Lorelai: I'm mad and needy, and I ended up going out to dinner alone with my parents, who bickered the whole time about which Beatle is alive and which is dead.
Rory: So, where'd they land?
Lorelai: John and Keith are dead. Paul and Bingo are still kicking.

Buried Alive

Review : Buried Alive - Book #7- Carson Ryder Series -J.A Kerley - July 2010

Are you a fan of the films Fear.Com ? What would it be like to be killed using your worst nightmares ? . Buried Alive is the 7th Book in the Carson Ryder series and sees Carson taking a well-deserved vacation after a stressful two years when his brother killed a close female friend and Pyschiatrist at the mental hospital his brother Jeremy was housed at -Evangeline. Jeremy , then escaped from the hospital and is on the run. Carson , wanting to get as faraway as possible escapes to the mountains where he vacationed none years ago to spend a few weeks hiking, rock climbing and no police work and most importantly no Jeremy. However if only life was ever so easy , as Carson recieves a phone call that a murder has occured where he is staying and soon Carson is back in his detective hat and solving a crime. Buried Alive tends to pick up and get a bit exciting when the towns infamous Dr Charpetiner - a Pyschologist turns out to be none other than his escaped from the mental asylum brother Jeremy. Buried Alive also wouldn't be a J.A Kerley book without the other half of Carson's crime team Harry Nautilus whom we read as Carson connects and relays the crime information to him and he works from his end back in their hometown of Mobile.
Looking forward to more J.A Kerley, Keep an eye out as I review his novel In Cold Blood.

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