Friday, January 7, 2011

Review : The Heavenstone Secrets - VC Andrews


As a Librarian, many of the books that I review are from the Local Library. Today's book is a newish one by V.C Andrews called "The Heavenstone Secrets".

Heavenstone Secrets

Review: The Heavenstone Secrets - Book #1 Heavenstone Series - VC Andrews - Dec 2009

Ive always wondered what type of person Virginia Andrews was and what her family life was like as they say that most people write from what they know of and all her books tend to have the most dysfunctional families ever and some of the storylines tend to border on the taboo of things. In the Heavensone Secrets we are presented with the main character Semantha who is telling the story and her older sister Cassie. In the Heavenstone Secrets we see Cassie as some kind of scary control freak who has everybody running around after her. When Arianna Heavenstone falls pregnant ,this is the families hope for a boy , though Cassie is the only one not estatic . We soon see that Arianna miscarriages and becomes ill and soon tragedy strikes . It is in this tragedy we see Cassie trying to become Semantha's and her Mother in all aspects as she tries to vy for her fathers affection. This is where we start seeing the Virginia Andrews writing style coming through. If losing one parent wasn't enough, without giving too many spoilers away watch out for another tragedy and a birth that will rock the Heavenstone Family and what is left of it. Im looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel "Secret Whispers" and VC Andrews has just put out a new one called "Daughters of Darkness" and I thought I might give Delia's Garden Series another go.

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