Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Dance - Melody Carlson

Todays Book is #2 in The Outdo Yourself Challenge and Is Book #8 in the Melody Carlson Series "The Carter House Girls". Author Melody Carlson would have to be one of my most favourite authors and I love her Edgy Christian Fiction Titles.

Last Dance (Carter House Girls)

Review : Last Dance - Book #8 Carter House Girls - Melody Carlson- March 2010

How many of you tend to feel sad when you come to an end of a series ? I do as it's like no more Carter House Girls, No more DJ, Taylor, Eliza, Kriti, Casey and Rhiannon and no more Harry, Connor, Seth etc. This series has followed a set of girls who wanted to be models minus Casey and DJ . Former Fashion Model Mrs . Carter opened her home to the girls to teach them the world of fashion and modelling. DJ an Athlete by nature was Mrs.Carter's grandaughter and Casey was a family friend who had had some trouble. Through the series we read as the girls had their ups and downs , secrets, scandals and backlash. In Last Dance , the girls are back from Spring Break and have 2 months left to Graduation and in the midst of it preparing for the Mothers Day Fashion Parade and Prom. The main theme in Last Dance is that Eliza is preparing for Prom Queen and the Carter House Girls are her campaign buddies. However somebody is jealous and wants to hurt the girls and will go to lengths to make them back down. Read as somebody is leaking the secrets and scandals of the Carter House Girls , Can these girls stick together and overcome it all ontop of the pressure of graduation, prom and more importantly choosing and getting into the right college.

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