Saturday, January 15, 2011

Naked In Death - J.D Robb

Who loves JD Robb ? To be honest, I'd never actually read anything by her but in saying that I had read plenty of her Nora Roberts books and after reading this one, looks like I am going to have to add J.D Robb to my list of Mystery/Thriller writers.

Review : Naked in Death - J.D Robb - Book #1 in "In Death Series" - 1995

Are you a huge fan of JD Robb's books ? If so , then for all you fans out there -they are doing cover updates and remakes for all your favourite JD Robb titles starting with of course Book #1 Naked In Death which was first written in 1995 - all those donkey years ago. Naked in Death is set in the 22nd Century , now unlike other books set in the future , Naked in Death has no science fiction element it is just like the here and now only difference is that guns have been banned unless deemed nessecary. The main character Eve Dallas has been called to a murder which seems like your average hooker case unfortunately the deceased is the granddaughter of the local Senator. Soon the number witness is Irish billionaire Roarke whom seemed a bit more than intimate with the deceased. However Roarke proclaims of course his innocence and soon we are reading as Roarke and Eve work together and combine forces to find the killer and of course trying with the sexual tension that is building up between the two of them . For those who have read "In Death" series you are aware that Roarke and Eve become a duo but for those who haven't I suggest you read them to find out more of what happens between the infamous Eve Dallas and Roarke.


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