Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lakeshore Christmas - Susan Wiggs

Christmas Time has been and gone once again, the build-up to it is phenomenal and when we look back it really is only one day, though we have lots of little things surrounding that one day of the year, the one day that many of us see as a magical time of year. Every now and again, around Christmas time mostly, I like to get into the Christmas spirit by reading some Christmas Inspired tales. Today’s book is one of those and also I have never read any books by this author before either and since I enjoyed it, I will have to give her a go. It is also Book #1 in the Contemporary Romance Challenge for 2011.
Lakeshore Christmas (Lakeshore Chronicles, Book 6)

Review :  Lakeshore Christmas - Book #6 Lakeshore Chronicles - Susan Wiggs - September 2009

Its that time of year again , Christmas where the theme and joy is always to see what kind of amazing miracles can happen and in the small town of Avalon, Lakeshore . What they are really in dire need for is a miracle in the form of lots of money to keep their library .
For me as a librarian, I loved this story as I read about Library Manager Maureen Davenport and the similarities we had , though me personally Im not a cat woman and I don't have my hair in a tied bun and a boring colour - well at the moment it's in the transistion period as Im deciding what wacky colour to go next.
Back to the story, the town Avalon is about to lose their library if they cannot raise enough funds to save their building and prove that the library is worth having. At the same time, Maureen has been put in charge of the christmas paegent with Childhood Star Eddie Haven - who can't stand Christmas.We also witness the arrival of Jazbel whom nobody can put their finger on - is he a real angel come to grant the town of Avalon a miracle ? Can Eddie and Maureen put aside their personal problems and professional problems in order to plan the best show ever or will everything come crashing down around them and the annual christmas paegent suffer or will their be a Christmas miracle occur which will re-ignite the Christmas spirit in Eddie ?
This is a book I really enjoyed and now that I am aware that it was part of a series , I am going to have to backtrack and read the Lakeshore Chronicles by Susan Wiggs.

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