Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Review : Confessions - Kate Brian

Continuing in our journey to read Kate Brian's "Private" series and in an odd order, though I can't help the way the library has decided to order her books. I was reading it in order and now Ive somehow started reading it backwards.

"Every day. After school you come out and you sit under that tree there and you read. Last week it was Madame Bovary. This week it's Moby Dick."

"But why would you—"
"You're nice to look at, and because you've got unbelievable concentration. Last Friday these two guys were tossing around a ball and one guy nailed the other right in the face. I mean, it was a mess, blood everywhere, the nurse came out, the place was in chaos, his girlfriend was all freaking out, and you just sat there and read. I mean, you never even looked up. I thought, 'I have never seen anyone read so intensely before in my entire life. I have to meet that girl'."
- Dean, explaining to Rory how he "noticed" her


                             Review : Confessions - Book #4 : Private Series - Kate Brian- 2007

Jumping back from Book #9 in the last review , is today's Book #4 Confessions. In Book #4 we are seeing the recent aftermaths of Thomas Pearson's body being recovered and Reed Brennan in a confused state as her first boyfriend is Dead . What a year, it has been for Reed at Easton Academy with getting into the Billings House, dating one of the popular guys and having great friends -some you can trust and others by the sounds of it not so much. In Confessions, we see Reed's friend Josh Hollis also Thomas's roomate being arrested in suspicion of his murder. However Reed knows that Josh is innocent and has an alibi, he was at the art cemetry that night with Blake Pearson and his love affair , though for Josh this alibi isn't going to be aired as Blake's lover could lose her job and her marriage if it ever leaked out. Can Reed with the help of Thomas and Josh's friend Dash find out who really killed Thomas and free Josh ? What happens when the real killer is revealed and is a little closer to home and Billings hall than anyone realised ? Is Reed next on the list of danger ? . Find out when all the truths and lies start to trickle out in Confessions by Kate Brian.

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