Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remember Me - Christopher Pike

Today's book is one that at the time, I got it out I didn't realise it was an older story as I had just seen it advertised at Whitcoulls. Turns out that it was actually first written in 1989, which then got me realising that it doesn't really surprise me as author Christopher Pike was quite big in the early to mid 1990's.

Sookie: What's going on?

Lorelai: Michel's gonna live forever.
Sookie: Like the kids from 'Fame'?
Lorelai: That's what I said.

Review : Remember Me - Christopher Pike - First Pub. 1989 - Edition Read - 2000

Ok, so the cover I read must have been like the original cover as it was pretty old skool like , so googling through google images , I found this newer cover of Remember Me and it's definitely going on my list of favourite book covers.
Do you remember what the supernatural used to be like before the world of Vampires and Werewolves and even Zombies took over our world of modern day literature ?
Ghosts were the scary thing, things going bump in the night, spirits being summoned out of Ouija Boards and seances occuring. In Christopher Pike's Remember Me, it brought back some good memories of a time when scary stories just had ghosts and a simple storyline-nothing more as according to the cover, at the time released this book was scary as it stated on the cover and when I read it the other day, it was more corny and along similar lines of books that Ive read rather than giving off a scary aura.
The novel revolves around the death of Shari, who at a party with people who are supposed to be her friends , she is found dead - fallen off a balcony. Was she pushed or did she jump ? . Prior to her death, Shari and her friends were performing a seance which resulted in Jeff's brother Peter's spirit being awoken. Now Shari and Peter are on a mission to find out the truth about Shari and who exactly killed her as one things for sure Shari did not jump , watch out for a number of twists as three suspects stand out more than the others and read as we find out the cause of her death and why she had to be the one to die.

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