Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Addison Blakely : Confessions of a PK - Betsy St. Amant

Ever wanted to find out what goes on in the mind of some of these PK's ( Preacher Kids)?
With author Betsy St. Amant , you can do just that .
Review: Addison Blakely : Confessions of a PK - Betsy St. Amant- January 2012
Just writing the release date of Betsy's new book Addison Blakely : Confessions of a PK makes us wonder where the year is going as January 2012 is just around the corner as it creeps up pretty quickly. It always makes us wonder what goes on in the minds of PK (Preacher Kids) as they can be portrayed as two types of people in the movies and in literature - they either are really naughty and have a dark secret side to them or they are goody-goody two shoes- the ones that can do no wrong . Just look at Mandy Moore's character from A Walk to Remember and now Julianne Hough's character Ariel from Footloose. In Addison Blakely's confessions , we read as she is reaching a turning point in her life , the turning point of becoming a teenager in Love. Though the downside is the guy she loves is from the other side of the tracks - the bad motorcycle riding, tattooed boy Wes . When school starts back up , Addison will not only find herself torn between two guys but also two friends. When Luke - a golden boy and one who is good in class shows Interest in Addison - will she choose to date him or will her heart be with Wes and what happens when Addison is forced to choose between her worldly friend Claire and the new foreign exchange student Marta ? With Boy problems, friendship problems - its times like these she wished she had someone to talk too but on top of all this her Preacher Dad has started seeing her English teacher.
With one foot in both worlds, which path will she take ?
The one of the World or the one with God, Find out in Addison Blakely: Confessions of a PK by Betsy St. Amant.

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