Review: Stefan's Diaries - Volume #1 Origins - LJ Smith

Are you a fan of the hit TV Show and Book Series "The Vampire Diaries" ? Followed the Seasons 1 and 2 , watching Season 3 ? Read all 7 Books ?
Ever wondered what it was like before and when the brother's first become members of the Night ?
Get ready for the 3 Volume Books by LJ Smith titled Stefan's Diaries , lets just hope that their are Damon Diaries in the making as Im more a Damon girl than Stefan. :)

Review: Stefan's Diaries - Volume #1 - Origins - LJ Smith - November 2010
Have you read the Vampire Diaries Series ? Do you find yourself addicted to the Television Series ? Are you a Stefan girl or do you prefer yourself some Damon ? Have you set your computer's wallpaper to The Salvatore Brothers ? If you answered YES to any of these questions and maybe picked Stefan over Damon , then have I got the book for you.
Based on the novels by LJ Smith and the TV Series by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec , released is Three Volumes - Yes THREE VOLUMES of Stefan's Diaries . These Diaries take us to the events before the current Mystic Falls surrounding and discusses the boys lives before Elena , Caroline, Jeremy, Matt, Bonnie and Tyler ever entered them.
Book #1 Stefan's Diaries - Origins takes us to the year 1864 , a year when the country was in War, it takes us to a time when Stefan was a 17yr old student , having a Gap Year before heading off to the University of Virginia and Damon - at 19 was a soldier fighting in the War. In Origins , we read as Stefan is set to marry a girl by the name of Roslyn Cartwright -not someone he loved but due to the fact her father owned the bank -she was a great prospect. It introduces us to the characters of Pearl and  her daughter Anna - whom in the TV series we saw fall in love with Jeremy Gilbert , Emily - who turned out to be Bonnie's relation from past times and Katherine Pierce who shares an uncanny resemblance to Elena Gilbert. The novel takes place with Katherine arriving on the scene and capturing the hearts of two brothers Stefan and Damon , drinking their blood -it is revealed she is a Vampire. Meanwhile the town of Mystic Falls with the assistance of Cordelia and the Town Founders have created some protections against Vampires e.g Vervain and the magic compass. We read as the Vampires are captured and in the process the brothers are killed and then turned by Katherine. We read as they feed and what it was that set the everlasting feud between Brotherhood , one that used to stand strong and unbreakable. What was it that turned Damon into having hatred for Stefan and vowing to make his life miserable for eternity?
Find out in the first Volume of Stefan's Diaries - Origins by LJ Smith and stay tuned as I bring forth Book #2 Bloodlust and lastly Book #3 The Craving.
Let's Hope for all those Damon fans out there that LJ Smith has some Damon Diaries in the making :)


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