Review: The Echo Man - Richard Montanari

Wanting a mystery novel to read ? One with a Serial Killer ? Have you read all of the Richard Montanari novels ?
Review: The Echo Man - Richard Montanari - May 2011
After writing an essay about Music compositions and Composers , it seems appropiate to write a review on Richard Montanari's latest novel "The Echo Man".
If you are a fan of Richard's novels , then you know it follows two main detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano and their force of policemen and women. The novel has two main storylines running through it , the first one less important than the main murder case is the AA Killer , a guy who preys on young women at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and the second one a murder that first started in 1990 when a violinist was found in the home of her tutor who had been murdered . Sentenced to a insane aslyum , the girl stayed till just recently when she was released , now somebody is killing in the same exact fashion - however this time the murders are related to a fire that caused a girl by the name of Alexandra Chang to die. One by one everyone associated with her murder and the day she died is being killed in a way that reminded me eerily of the Dexter Killings - see the books by Jeff Lindsey. As the deaths become more and more , it seems that someone has taken also to recreating Philadelphia's unsolved crimes ? Is this an inside job , someone who has access to the files and been on the force for a long time ? Be Prepared for a shocking twist as we see one of our regular and long-running characters finding themselve in handcuffs and behind bars ?
All this and more in another relentless and suspensful fast-paced thriller from Richard Montanari.


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