VBT# Fierce Dawn - Amber Scott

Today's VBT# is Amber Scott and her novel Fierce Dawn, all part of the Romancing your Darkside not Backside :P Tour with BkWalker Books.

Synopsis: Fierce Dawn -Amber Scott- March 2011
When Sadie Graves seems as if she is cursed with her mother's mental illness, her younger sister Heather does all that she can to protect Sadie from herself, even if that means institutionalising her. Little does Sadie or Heather know that Sadie's dreams and her paintings of the handsome man with the blue wings, are premonitions of the future and it suddenly seems as if her mother may not have been mentally ill after all. When the gorgeous Elijah turns up in the library where Sadie works, blue wings and all, Sadie is suddenly hurtled into a world of immortals, realm-line battles and the search for Elijah's mysterious brother Crusoe. To top it all off, Sadie's life is in danger and she has the serious hots for Elijah. Is she really a changeling half-breed? Do her mothers rambling journals have meaning after all? Sadie and Elijah fight not only to protect themselves, but the entire human race. Fierce Dawn is filled with intense action and hot erotic scenes. Incredibly well written and a fast paced read; real page turner that kept me interested right to the very end.

Author Guest Post :
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Amber Scott

1. On two separate occasions, in two different airports, I missed seeing Richard Simmons sprint past me in his little shorts, entourage and all. Both times I was digging in my purse and everyone saw but me.

2. President George Bush smiled at me in a press conference. Really! I was sixteen, on a journalism conference trip and my aunt worked press at the white house. During a press conference as he scanned the room, talking, his gaze landed on me, grinning ear to ear and he smiled back.

3. I’m the middle child of five girls. My dad used to say, “I always wanted to be surrounded by beautiful women. I just didn’t know they’d be so short!”

4. I was about four years old when I first remember telling my mom I wanted to be a writer. The fact that she took me seriously, even then, is what helped keep my dream alive.

5. I love cats. Dogs, too, but I’m a total cat lady. Right now I’m in deep negotiations with my husband to get two cats. Our previous three did not like having kids in the house and had to be given to new, kid-free homes.

6. I adore the movie Hamlet 2 and think every writer should see it for one particularly oh so true and hilarious scene where the main character is struggling to write. I laugh to tears every time I see it.

7. I’m a neuroscience self help quantum physics reading geek. I love reading about metaphysics and the human brain. I secretly think that real magic exists and it stems from harnessing the power of the human mind and spirit.

8. I am co-dependent on my iPod to write. Her name is Bibi. She is pink. On her, I make soundtracks for each book.

9. I have a gazillion nicknames. It seems each sister and every friend likes to make their own up. Ambert, Albert, Amber-gini, Amby, Ambro, Ambesol, A-train, A-spice, Amberlina, Ambud, Am, Amburger, Amberguesa, Ambrosia, and the list goes on. My favorite? Whiplash. (I was learning how to drive a stick at the time.)

10. Adrian Grenier, who plays Vinny Chase in HBO’s Entourage, woos me in dreams. Flirting, whispering in my ear, hand holding. But, every time, I wake up before we get to anything good! Darn it!


  1. Awesome list Amber...I can remember my dad teaching me how to drive a stick...I dropped the transmission ;)


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