Review: Entwined - Heather Dixon

Who loves the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses ? Wanting a tale that seems eerily like that ?
Review: Entwined - Heather Dixon- 2011
As readers of my blog will be aware , when it comes to books - there are two things well more than two but two of the things I love most are Book Covers - I know I shouldn't be but I can't help it I'm a judge by the cover type girl - and trust me I should learn not to by now as every now and again Ive picked up a book because of the cover and I've regretted as the book turns out to be a Im just not that into it. The other thing I love is renditions of classics and fairytales.
Entwined had both those qualities and turned out to be quite an enchanting read . It reminded me of the story of the Twelve Dancing Princesses , Entwined takes us to a world where Magic once existed , a world of Balls ,Dancing and Marriage proposals. Azalea is the oldest of twelve sisters each with their name starting with a letter of the alphabet from A - the oldest to L- the baby of the family. When their mother dies , it sends the King into a frenzy as he is unsure how to cope. The whole castle goes into the mourning period where they must spend a year in mourning for their mother - this means no dancing , the one thing that the girls love most and the one thing that bought their mother closer to them. When they discover a secret passage in the house, it means they can begin dancing again but it seems that the person known as The Keeper is bad news and if the girls keep spending time with him then they soon will be chucked into a world filled with magic and terror. When The Keeper threatens to tear Azalea's family apart , she does what any big sister would do - try and save her family. Can Azalea save her family before becoming Entwined with the magic world and stuck inside forever ?
Find out in this awesome new fantasy novel by Heather Dixon


  1. This book is very good. It caught my attention from the first word. I usually don't enjoy books written in the 3rd person but I really liked this one. It was extremely entertaining and had me totally consumed. The word "said" was overused in my opinion but I just replaced it every once in a while with another word while reading. Overall, a spectacular book. If you are looking for romance, magic, and mystery then you have come to the right place!


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