Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Christmas at Harrington's - Melody Carlson

Who loves Christmas ? I know I do , it happens to be one of my favourite holidays of the year - I love wrapping up presents, shopping etc. One of my favourite Christian fiction authors is Melody Carlson and today's book review is her Christmas Tale = Christmas at Harrington's.

Review: Christmas at Harrington's- Melody Carlson- September 2009
Christmas Time , the bells are ringing and it can be a wondrous occasion for many but it seems the folk of New Haven may need a little push into the Christmas spirit as it nears and it will become a Season of not only joy but also in the case of Christmas at Harrington's - a season of Second Chances. For Lena Markham , Christmas time is a joyous but scary occasion as she is released from prison for a crime that her ex-husband committed and set her up for, with no family ties -she sets out to start anew in New Haven. Here her parole officer has found her a place to live - Millers Boardinghouse and a job at Harrington's.  On the bus journey to New Haven , Lena meets Moira - an elderly lady on her way home to New Haven - The two of them begin talking and soon enough as we get later on in the book the two of them become close friends. At the boardinghouse, Lena meets Sara and her daughter Jemima - we discover that they two are running from something and wanting to start fresh, can Lena help them get the start they need. Lena arrives halfway in the novel to Harrington's only to discover that they are not looking to hire anybody but when their Santa fails to turn out as they hoped, Lena is asked to play the role of Mrs. Santa.  When one of the customers recognise Lena from prior to her prison sentence and lets the town know about her past, will it come back to haunt her ? With a turn of compassion and when the truth is revealed , will Lena be given a second chance ?
Find out in Christmas at Harrington's - a christmas filled with second chances, hope and a lot of Faith and Friendships.

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