Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review: Downpour - Kat Richardson

I don't know what it is about the libraries, but I always seem to rant and rave about their selectors as you always wonder what goes through their heads when they are purchasing novels especially ones that belong in series e.g they buy Book #1 and Book #6 but your'e thinking what happened to #2,3,4,5 ? Where is the sense in that and its not like we all enjoy and love reading series out of order.
Review: Downpour - Greywalker Series #6- Kat Richardson- August 2011
Being Harper Blaine is a mission unto itself , as a Private Investigator -she works closely with her lawyer friend Nan but unlike regular Private Investigators , Harper Blaine has a secret - she is what is known as a Greywalker . It seems that after the occasional dying episode you start to inherit gifts and for Harper it is the gift of being able to see the dead. Though depending on which way you look at it , seeing the dead is not exactly a gift - others tend to frown upon it as a curse. So when Harper is sent to the Lake to talk to a witness for one of Nan's cases and to see if he is reliable , what she doesn't expect is for a dead body to turn up - in fact not just one ghost but lots of other demon like things including some Chinese demons. As Harper tries to get to the bottom of Steven Leung's death , she starts to discover that something more deadlier and powerful than she ever could imagine is at work. What happens when she discovers that there are more magical and stronger, more powerful sources than herself at work ? Will Harper survive one more hit as the Doctors say each time she dies , its one step closer to the final Goodbye ?
Will Harper find herself stripped of her PI License as her ex-boyfriend who apparently died at the end of Book #5 has had a missing persons report filed on him and Harper was supposedly the last person to see him alive ? What will happen when she is tied as a Murder suspect ?
Find out all this and more in Downpour - Book #6 in the Greywalker Series by Kat Richardson.

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