Review: Saving June - Hannah Harrington

Wanting a new teen novel to read ? One that takes you on a journey and opens your eyes to life ?

Review: Saving June - Hannah Harrington- May 2011
Are you wanting a teen novel that will take you on a journey of self-discovery ? One that you will find yourself, your true self and not just known as somebody's brother or sister ?
In Saving June we go into the world and life of Harper Scott , her older sister June - the one everyone called Miss Perfect has just passed away, she committed suicide . No-one knows why , all they know is she did it. Harper always wondered why they couldn't pick up on signs, weren't suicidal patients supposed to demonstrate signs ?
Going through June's stuff , Harper finds a postcard with California on it - the one place in the world where June wanted to live and a blank mix CD with Latin which translated loosely to something about Bastards :P. Ontop of this Harper's parents are divorced recently , so Harper feeling a bit out of place and wanting to discover what went on in June's last days decides along with her friend Lani check out the local music shop where they meet Jake - he had been tutored by June. Soon the three of them will take a roadtrip to California , to spread out June's ashes. Along the way though, the three of them will be in for a shock as Secrets are revealed and emotions will run high during the roadtrip. For all three of them , this roadtrip will open up a Pandora's box but also bring them closer to discovering not only their true-selves but each other.
An awesome novel that I recommend all to read and I can't wait to see what Hannah Harrington brings forth next to the world of Books :)



  1. Great review! This is the next review book I plan to dive into, so I am glad to hear someone enjoyed it. [:

    Erin @ Let's Evaluate


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