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Today's VBT# is author Catherine Bybee and her new book "Wife by Wednesday". This tour is on behalf of Sizzling PR :)
Review: Wife by Wednesday - Catherine Bybee - October 2011
It seems that nowadays well in Literature and Contemporary fiction anyway that when one needs to get married for some reason and mainly to keep up an image or a bargain , a contract bride seems to be the way. A Piece of Paper , a few appearances together , a name change and one is instantly a couple in the public eye. For Blake Harrison , he needed a wife by Wednesday - somebody who would live up to the public eye of what a Duchess should be . Somebody who could abide by his contract and one who needed the finances as much as he did , maybe even more. Enter Sam Elliott , she is the owner of a Matchmaking service called "Alliance"- their job is to match their clients with the perfect bride and women who don't mind an Image Marriage . When she meets Blake , she has three candidates in mind - all who fit his perfect type based on the previous girls he has dated. However , as Blake flicks through the applicants - he can't help but think that they are not suitable , they aren't what he is looking for. His type ends up being Sam Elliott. Now if he can only get her to accept his fake marriage proposal . This is not an easy task but when he offers her a sum of Eight Million Dollars , a sum that could set up her younger sister Jordan who is living in a care facility for life , she reluctantly agrees.
Is Sam up for the challenge as she endures Horrible Exes , Snapping Paparazzi , her Phones and houses being bugged etc - All in a days work of being the new Duchess.
As the novel gets on we see the sparks start to fly between the two - will this become a love filled marriage or will it remain a marriage of convenience ? What will happen when the contract ends - will they go their separate ways or will they remain together ?
Find out in Catherine Bybee's book "Wife By Wednesday".

From The Desk of Catherine Bybee:

Thank you Phantom Paragrapher for having me on your blog today. As I tour around cyberspace meeting new people on my blog tour for Wife by Wednesday, I realize there are a heck of a lot of blogs, writers, and readers I've never met before. When Marissa told me that I'd be writing random blogs for people I didn't know I was a bit intimidated at first. Like how in the hell am I going to come up with topics that would fit a blog I know nothing about, right? So I skipped around to the various blogs on my tour and searched each one for a general theme and decided to KISS these blogs… you know, Keep It Simple Stupid.
So for your readers, PP, hope you don't mind that I call you PP, Phantom Paragrapher is constantly getting that ugly red line squiggled under paragrapher cuz spell check thinks it's wrong. *rolls eyes*. PP however, doesn't raise any red lines at all… but I digress… so, for your readers, PP, I'm going to talk about how damn lucky young adult readers are today. To do that I need to let the cyber world know my age… well, close to what the real age is anyway. As a 40+ year old woman, I grew up with Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries. Judy Blume was a favorite for young women. We had the classics which most of us hated reading. But to tell the truth I don't remember reading anything outside of what was required in school until I reached my teens. Somewhere in Jr. High my older sister handed me romance novel. It was historical, which most of them were at that time and much of the bedroom scenes were left to the readers imagination. I can go on about when the bedroom door was blast open and when my innocent eyes and loins (get it, loins… no one uses this term any more) burned. Again, I digress… I'm supposed to be talking about YA reading of today.
*sigh* My point is, that in order to read anything with meat, anything with grit and substance, I needed to read adult books. I gobbled up Steven King, read Anne Rice in high school… and the epic series Clan of the Cave Bear. *the movie sucked BTW* Still, I had to read adult books about adult characters. Today teens have every kind of book out there tailor made for their age group. Coming of age romance novels with werewolves and vampires… or troubled teens from a different time or universe. Truly, the closest thing we had were the Hardy Boys listening to their turn table record player and wondering why Mr. Jenson's lights have been on in his house for four days straight. Today's kids have no reason not to pick up amazing books that will capture their interest and keep them turning pages. Or flicking the next switch on their e-readers or smart phones.
Print books might be yesterday's news, but reading is today world. With the price of a movie at over ten bucks a pop, and lets not even get going about the price of popcorn, a downloaded book is cheep entertainment.
In closing let me quote my grandmother and say… "You kids don't know how easy you have it! When I was a kid…" Well, that didn't work for me either. How about this. "Hey kids, for every 30 min of time you spend reading a book, I'll give you 15 min of time on your video game." ~ Hey, bribery works… ask any Mom!
Catherine Bybee ~ Best Selling, Award Winning blah, blah, blah, Romance Author

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About The Author :
Just a little blurb about me. First and always I'm a wife and a mother. My family keeps me very busy but when I have time I write, anything and everything romance. If it doesn't have a happily ever after, I'm not interested. Lets face it. Life is full of... well... life. Having spent over a decade of my life working as a RN in urban Emergency Rooms, I want to escape when I pick up a book. And I now create those worlds for you to escape into.
 Visit Catherine Bybee's website: http://www.catherinebybee.com/


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