Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review: Night School - Mari Mancusi

Enjoying the series "The Blood Coven Vampires" by Mari Mancusi ?
Get ready for Book #5 Night School.
Review: Night School - Mari Mancusi- January 2011
Get ready for more Action as I bring you Book #5 in the Blood Coven Vampire Series - Night School , if you recall we were left at the end of Book #4 Bad Blood with the startling revelation that Rayne and Sunny were in fact Full-blooded Fairy Princesses and I wondered how it was going to flow from Vampires to Faeries/Sidhe's and I was surprised and thankful that Mari Mancusi did the transistion perfectly without a hitch as the story flowed on quite nicely. In Night School, we read as the twin's mum and dad have been taken hostage in Fairyland and that their Grandma Fairy who was Queen has been killed and now it's ready for their new Queen - who happens to be Sunny. However, of course the novel wouldn't be complete without Rayne's tactics and tricks as she decides in order to save Sunny she must become a fairy and does the ritual and volia she starts to sprout wings thus making Rayne a Vampire Vampire Slayer Fairy. The girls are taken to Night School for their protection but as the novel goes along we discover all is not what it seems at Night School and the Slayers are actually being experiemented on and turned into an Evil army of Vampires. Can Rayne save the "Alphas" from becoming the next set of experiments as well as saving Sunny from being brainwashed,married and becoming the next queen of Fairyland as if Rayne doesn't arrive in time - Sunny may be stuck in Fairyland forever , think Sookie in Episode One of Season 4 and her experience in trying to escape Fairyland.
Another Great Installment and stay tuned readers for Books #2 Stake That and Book #6 Blood Ties.

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