Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Most Likely - Craig Hansen

Looking for a new Teen Christian Fiction to read ? One that falls into the category of Edgy Christian Fiction?
Review: Most Likely- Craig Hansen- May 2011
Ever thought that being a christian is easy and a nice joyful road to take ? Not nessecarily , for many of us growing up as Christians we learn a whole lot of values, morals and sometimes compared to the worldly view - our sights can be seen as living in an idealistic world rather than reality. Growing up a Christian for any teenager can be a difficult and bumpy ride, especially when obstacles fall in our way that cause us to be jaded about God and his way. We think - How Could God let this happen ? What is happening in the world that is allowing God to do or let awful things happen to others and those we love and care for ? In Most Likely, we discover a storyline that many if not all can relate in one way or another too . Craig Hansen introduces us to High School student Becky  , she is on the track team , has a great boyfriend, friends and a firm believer in Christ but she will find in the next few months that everything she ever knew or thought was the way is going to come crashing down around her. For years her best friend Tammy Jo has been recieving beatings and since the two became close friends in Eigth Grade- Becky has kept her secret , we read as it may be time for Becky to give up that secret as tragedy strike Tammy Jo and Beckyis left with the voice of "If Only she had told somebody earlier". The second big revelation is Becky's life is that her sister Geena is pregnant and is getting a divorce from her husband Peter. Though the bible preaches against Divorce , is this the right decision for Geena and her unborn child ?
This year with Most Likely Becky will face her biggest challenge and a decision that could affect her life as a Christian - Can she summon up enough of God's Faith and Grace to move forth as a Christian or will she find herself disillusioned and backsliding.
A Great read for any Teen/YA that has ever found themselves questioning God's motives in life.

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