Review: Deadbeat - Jim Butcher

Have you been reading and following my journey through The Dresden Files Books featuring the wizard known as Harry Dresden ? Get ready as I bring forth to you Book #7 Dead Beat.

Review: Dead Beat - Book #7 The Dresden Files- Jim Butcher - 2005
At the end of Book #6 we saw Harry discover that his Half Brother is Thomas the Incubus and we read as Harry looked after one of the missing pups from the Tibetan Monks. Now in Book #7 Dead Beat, the little pup has grown twice the size and resembles almost a cerulean beast and get ready for this - it's name is Mouse and Thomas after being kicked out of his Incubus family has come to crash with Harry . However, Thomas isn't exactly the cleanest and helpful roommate as Harry who for so many years has been living on his own with Bob the spirit in the skull is about to discover. In Dead Beat, it seems that alot of mysterious events are about to occur and it all has to do with an old necromancer named Kremler. He was dangerous and his magic caused the world chaos and it seems that not all of his magical books were destroyed and that one of them is on the earth and in Chicago and it has somehow wound up in Harry's hands. With Murph and Kincaid on vacation together in Hawaii, it seems that Dresden will have to go up on this one alone but as more and more innocents get hurt and it seems even Harry isn't strong enough, he will have to call in the reinforcements of his friends - the werewolves.  Can Harry get one step closer to destroying Kemler and what happens when Kremler is bad enough to destroy Bob's memories ? Of course, the big question is why and how on earth did Harry wind up being inducted as one of the White Council Wardens ?
Find out all this and more in Dead Beat , Book #7 in the Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher.


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