Review: Lillies in Moonlight - Allison Pittman

Wanting a historical Christian Novel , one set in the 1920's ? The Days of Flappers and Society wives?

Review: Lillies in Moonlight - Allison Pittman- April 2011
Are you a fan of the 1920's era , an era of Flappers ? Have you read the books Beautiful Young Things by Anna Godbersen and Pretty by Jillian Lauren or what about The Luxe Series which is like Gossip Girl in the 1920's? Whenever , I read about them my mind always drifts not only towards the courtship of those times but I can always imagine the beautiful outfits and all the fun that many of them would have experienced.
Lillies in Moonlight by Allison Pittman takes us into that world where we meet a young Flapper girl by the name of Lily , she first enters the novel as a door-to-door saleswomen for a cosmetics company called Dalliance - a bit like being an Avon or Mary Kay Lady . It is during one of her door-to-door knocks that she meets a lovely elderly lady by the name of Betty Ruth Burnside who invites Lily into her home and buys all of Lily's contents in her leather case. A few days pass and then Lily along with her friend Dina are invited to a flash party where the socialites will hang and have fun. Next morning , Lily is found bruised and battered on the lawn of Betty Ruth Burnside  , how did she get here and what really went on at the party she attended ? As the novels starts to move forth , we read as Betty Ruth and her maid Eugenia help to assist Lily back to full health. Enter Cullen Burnside , the only living family that Betty Ruth has left and he is not going to let anyone especially a young girl off the streets and out of nowhere take advantage of his mother's hospitality. We read as the tensions flare between the two and soon , we discover that Cullen's intentions to be rid of Lily will backfire on him dearly.
Unlike many Christian fiction and love stories , Allison Pittman has written Lillies in Moonlight beautifully as she reaches to divulge everybody's past - in Lillies in Moonlight - no character is safe from having their laundry and pasts revealed. As we discover all Lily has ever wanted was Love ? Has she found that in the Burnside's or will she first have to take a trip down memory lane to discover whose love she really needs and what's most important to her?
Find out all this and more in Lillies in Moonlight and if you would like to try another of Allison Pittman's books I'd recommend Ten Thousand Charms as that is my all-time favourite :)


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