Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Ambitious - Monica McKayhan

Are you a fan of all those dance films , the ones like Step Up , Honey, Make It Happen , Save the Last Dance?
If so, then this is the novel for you.
Review: Ambitious - A Premiere Novel - Monica McKayhan- August 2011
As a fan of all those Dancing Flicks, the ones where they audition and then they don't get in and then along the way something happens and they are given a second shot and make it . I love them from Step Up trilogy to Centre Stage Duo to Make it Happen and Burlesque. Ambitious read a bit between Britannia High, Step Up and Fame. In Ambitious we meet Mari aka Marisol, her passion since she could remember was dancing her Mexican-American butt off , she lives for it and when she's offered the chance to audition for Premiere High - a School of Music, Arts, Dance - her dream school - she jumps at it but of course, theres a few things she has to do first. The first is to persuade her parents to let her audition. However, as we all know dreams can come with a price tag attached and though it may not be monetary it can make you lose and risk everything that you have ever dreamed off. For Mari, the pricetag is new hottie Drew and the goal of getting him to see her more than just a casual friend, this won't be an easy task as Drew as his eyes set on his goals of playing Basketball and winning a scholarship which would be his free ride to College or as we say in New Zealand -University. When Mari starts to obsess over winning Drew , we read as everything else starts to take second best in her life and soon she is so consumed about Drew that she doesn't realise everything else is being pushed further and further away.
Will she realise what's happened before it's too late or has her obsession with Drew destroyed her one goal ?Find out what can happen when Love and Lust takes over. It is interesting this though as I found with my studies , it's quite difficult having a guy around as your'e studies, work etc tends to get pushed to the backburner lol.

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