Review: Grave Peril - Jim Butcher

Ready for more Harry Dresden Action ? Get ready for Book #3 of The Dresden Files- Grave Peril
Review: Grave Peril - Book #3 The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher - September 2001
Are you a fan of Jim Butcher's series "The Dresden Files" , Can't help but love the annoying Wizard Harry Dresden and cringe at the amount of trouble he always seems to attract ? Reading my way through the series , it's very rare that Harry doesn't seem to get a job which finds him in real big trouble with either the police or the council of Nevernever world. In Grave Peril , we discover that something evil is going down and it's up to Harry and his friend Michael - who is a Knights Templer - one of God's Knights and a true God-fearing man to save the city of Chicago and those whom they love. It is known as Bob the Skull kindly cares to share with us as "The Nightmare" it's a spirit that can get into people and tear them to shreds inside , it's like having a barbed wire slice through your body and once it does this , it can posess a bit of that person and when Harry is caught by the Nightmare - it starts to imitate Harry hurting his closest and dearest friends. Can Harry and Michael work together to discover the source of the Nightmare and Kill it , or will it hit the pair close to home as it captures Detective Murph and Michael's wife Charity. We see the re-introduction and more focused in this novel - the Vampire Courts and Bianca , how are they working with the Nightmare, what deal has Bianca struck ? When Harry's kind-of Girlfriend reporter Susan finds herself stuck in the middle of things , Harry calls upon the help of his Fairy Godmother Lea and what will Susan have to lose to save herself and Harry ? Will it be worth it or has Harry lost Susan forever ?
Find out in Book #3 Grave Peril and stay tuned for my review of Book #5 Death Masks as unfortunately I belong to a library that has not got Book #4 Summer Knight in stock.


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