Review: Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime - Jane Landreth

Wanting a good read for your children , something to read before they hit the sack ?
Check out this great children's collection of Bible stories.
Review: Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime - Jane Landreth-October 2011
Wanting to share with your children the Bible ? Wondering an easy way to do it ? Wanting to spend some quality Jesus time with them before they nod off to sleep? Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime is the perfect read , it contains over 256 pages of wonderful Animal stories that feature throughout the Good Book from Noah and the Ark , to the Creation of Animals and the Lost Sheep . With each story interactive , and only a couple of pages long - they make the perfect bedtime read and they are short enough to hold the child's attention and of course what would the perfect bedtime read be without wonderful illustrations throughout the entire book.
From “God Created the Animals” in Genesis 1, through the accounts of the frogs that plagued Pharaoh, Balaam’s donkey, Solomon’s baboons and apes, and the lost sheep of Jesus’ parable, Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime unveils truth in ways that young hearts can easily grasp. Each chapter is accompanied by full-color illustration and design, making Bible Animal Stories for Bedtime an ideal book for learning and fun.
Wanting to teach your child about memory verses and prayers , at the end of each bible story is a memory verse and a prayer that goes with the Bible Animal Story. This is also not only a great resource to have in the home but also to have teaching Sunday School.


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