Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review: Accidents of Providence - Stacia Brown

As I continue in the Read-A-Thon with 3 Hours to go :) I bring you the review of Book #5 .
When it comes to genres, I found myself not really a Historical Fiction reader but then again every now and again I will pick up a historical fiction that I find myself loving.
This is one of those.
Review: Accidents of Providence - Stacia Brown- February 2012
Another 2012 release, the second one in the Read-A-Thon and from Netgalley. When it comes to reading, I'm one of those few people that can say I read alot but when it comes to the historical fiction genre, it's not something that tends to grab me unless the storyline is interesting and that is what happened with Accidents of Providence. It's the year 1649 in England , King Charles has been beheaded for Treason and laws are being brought in left,right and centre. In the first chapter we meet Mary DuGard , a widow and owner of a glove making shop , she seems to be the type of woman who prefers to be in the background, not make a fuss and keep to herself - a real introverted soul. Though, one decision as Mary is about to learn can change not only your life forever but the others around you and that sometimes one tiny decision can cause a domino effect that you never could imagine. For Mary, that decision was to follow Rachel - her assistant one evening as her suspicions grew that Rachel was up to no good. It is discovered as Mary follows Rachel , that she has given birth and then killed her baby so that she is no longer responsible. However, Mary can't let this go and Rachel's deed is reported to the courts, now in 1649 - a new law has been written and finalised that any person found killing their infant is seen as a Murderer and what will follow next is a court case with over 60+ witnesses into whether Rachel is guilty or not. So comes an investigation, public trial, and unforgettable characters: gouty investigator Thomas Bartwain, fiery Elizabeth Lilburne and her revolution-chasing husband, Huguenot glover Mary Du Gard, and others. Spinning within are Rachel and William, their remarkable love story, and the miracles that come to even the commonest lives.I found this book enjoyable as in parts it reminded me of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood - the setting and After by Amy Efaw - where the baby is killed and now the main character must go through the consequences of her actions.
Accidents of Providence is an ideal read for anyone who loves reading about gruesome I know - but the effects of Infanticide and the true historical aspect of what 1649 was like.

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