Review: Dancergirl - Carol M. Tanzman

As tonight comes to an end , It is also the end of the weekend 24hr Readathon and with half an hour to go I resign and head to bed, but I completed the readathon with 7 Books :)
Here is Book #7 courtesy of Netgalley.
Review: Dancergirl- Carol M. Tanzman- November 2011
As I prepare to wind down from the 24 Hr Readathon, I bring you Book #7 - a good number to finish on as it's my favourite number. Are you a fan of mystery and suspense ? Feeling in the mood for a bit of stalkerish fiction ? Meet Ali , all she has ever wanted to do was become a dancer and what started off as fun entertainment - a school friend Charlie filming her dancing and posting on Zubu which is like the equivalent of Youtube ended into a game much more dangerous as somebody else is filming Ali secretly as videos of her dancing in the privacy of her own bedroom start appearing on Zubu. When the videos get out , everyone at school starts to call her strippergirl instead of Ali or her nickname Dancergirl. When her friend Jacy starts keeping secrets , Ali starts to wonder if it is him whose filming her and what started off as a questionable whose doing what turns into a full blown panic attack as Ali discovers she is in fact being stalked. Will the stalker get the better of her as those around her start to believe she is paranoid or will Ali with the help of her friends discover the identity of the stalker ? But as the novel nears the end and the stalker hasn't been discovered and is now leaving personal gifts, we as the reader start to worry for poor Ali ? Writing this it kind of reminds me of the similar plot to Pretty Little Liars, mainly of the stalking and the fact that the lead character's nickname was Ali though not short for Alison but Alicia. What happens when Ali discovers the stalker in her very own house ? Will her friends come to the rescue in time or will Ali become another statistic ? Will we ever discover the identities of shyboy1 and kruzer99 - the two online identities that seem to follow dancergirl?
Find out in Dancergirl by Carol M. Tanzman, a great read if you wanting a fast paced, suspensful dancing read that contains alot of twists and turns.


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