Review: Intoxication - Tim Kizer

Wanting a short story to read and keep you intensified ?
Review: Intoxication/Hitchhiker - Tim Kizer
Wanting a novelette that will keep you entertained and in some ways scared ? Since it's October and that marks the date of Halloween , I decided to review a Pyschological Horror and as I was reading Tim Kizer's two novelettes Intoxication and Hitchhiker - I could sense that he had a Stephen King feel going on , the only difference was the word count.
The first story Intoxication starts in a workplace where Leslie is convinced that one of her staff members is trying to poison her , but unfortunately Leslie keeps outwitting the culprit and as she does more people die to take her place. The Poison is in the coffee and if Leslie can't figure out who the killer is and why, it seems that the company she works for will have all their staff members dropping like flies. Is somebody deliberating aiming for Leslie , as Leslie hires her friend David to find the Killer. She works at angles of her own and when she discovers the Killer - not to spoil the story but it is a I Know What you Did Last Summer like plot.
The second novelette Hitchhiker , is one of those urban myths that people tell us - Whatever you do don't talk to strangers and never ever ever pick up Hitchhikers as you don't know anything about them , this is going to be one bumpy ride as Ron and David end up in a car together - the secret that none of them realise - they are both serial killers . I'll finish now and leave you to /imagine what happens , but why imagine when you can purchase the book on Amazon - Amazon link:


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