Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Death Masks - Jim Butcher

Following my reviews of The Dresden Files , as we know I had to skip Book #4 Summer Knight as it wasn't available to me on hand at the library, so get ready to read all about Book #5 Death Masks
Review: Death Masks - Book #5 The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher - October 2005
Ready for more Harry Dresden action, at the end of Book #3 Grave Perils we read as Susan and Harry were up to their limits as they infiltrated a Vampire ball and poor Susan was turned into a Vampire. Now searching for a cure and a better life , we saw Susan leave her job and move on out far away from Harry , where she could not harm him - Ahh True Love :). However, Harry not one to take anything lying down - sets out to search for her and find her as of course we know deep down that our Harry Dresden is in love with Susan Rodriguez. In Death Masks , it seems everybody is after Harry but that shouldn't surprise us as he often finds himself deep in doo-doo in every single book, it's a wonder he survives to appear in the next novel. Harry has been challenged to a duel with Vampire Ortega who has made one request -fight him in a duel or else all Harry's dear and closest are dead. The other plot line of the novel is the discovery and finding of the Shroud- an ancient cloth that is said to have been the sheet that wrapped Jesus up in the tomb over Crucifixtion period . As we read on , we discover it seems everybody wants a piece of the cloth and those who touch it are seemed to be dropping like flies literally - is the Shroud cursed ? We also read the re-introduction of Michael and his children Little Harry, Molly and Amanda and we meet two more members of the Knights Templar. Can the Knights Templar persuade Harry to stop what they are looking for as they have recieved a prophecy that if he continues to seek for what he is looking for , he shall perish.
Find out all this and more in Death Masks -Book #5 of Jim Butcher's series "The Dresden Files" and stay tuned for Book #6 - Blood Rites.

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