Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: So Over It - Stephanie Morrill

Today's review is Book #3 in The Re-Invention of Skylar Holt series by Stephanie Morrill . It is a teenage girl Christian series and is all about re-changing your image from Worldly to Christianity , of course as we all know in the real world as this book shows there are lots and lots of obstacles and some small but most huge.
Review: So Over It - Book #3 The Re-Invention of Skylar Holt Series - July 2010
If you are like me and been following the saga of Skylar Holt , you know that over the past two books that she has been through so much and that the journey of re-inventing herself has been such a struggle and if you are joining for the first time - I suggest you read Books #1 and #2 before starting Book #3 as this is a novel that rounds the trilogy off perfectly. Remember in Book #1 the event that changed Skylar's life and the one that made her decide that she was going to give up her worldly ways of partying , drinking and follow God and become a christian . It was an event that caused her to be drugged and not remember a thing except the feeling of frightfulness and awfulness - it was a feeling she never wanted to feel again EVER. In Book #3 , Skylar is off to Hawaii for what may turn out to be a Summer filled with realisations of who she really is and what path she is taking. Before the trip Skylar was SO OVER IT and wanted a fresh start away from her feuding family , boys, her old friends -everything that she felt was wrong in her life but as the trip to Hawaii turns out , she starts to think about her future more in perspective and realises that maybe running away from her past isn't the right decision after all. After the vacation Skylar returns to Kansas City hoping to find her way back to God , but in order to do this she must revisit the night that changed her life , an event that causes her to believe she needs fixing . Can Skylar turn to her loved ones and find out what really happened that night or will they judge her ? Is Skylar's memory of what happened that night exactly what happened or has someone lied to cover their tracks ?
Find out in Book #3 of The Re-Invention of Skylar Holt - All together now - I'm "SO OVER IT".

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