Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: All Wound Up - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Are you a Knitter ? Love reading Memoirs ? Check out long-time Knitter's Memoirs - All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Copy provided from Netgalley.

Review: All Wound Up - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee - October 2011
Knitting , once seen as a sport for the elderly like sitting ducks these women sat in row after row with their knitting needles and their balls of yarn , knitting jerseys for their grandchildren - jerseys that would only come out when they visited and socks that would be hidden by their designer shoes. Now Knitting has become a worldwide phenomenon where it's not just elderly sitting their with their knitting needles but people of all ages from children to the elderly - even Celebrities like musician Che-Fu are being caught Knitting in his music videos. Their is plenty of literature written about groups of Knitters from Needles and Pearls by Gil McNeil to the Friday Knitting Group by Kate Jacobs.
Known as the Yarn Harlot , authoress Stephanie Pearl-McPhee has been a longtime fan of the sport of Knitting - she even writes her adventures on her site www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/. She has decided to compile all her adventures and misadventures in the world of Knitting into a Memoir called All Wound Up. According to Stephanie their is 60 million knitters in America and spent each year on Knitting merchandise is $45 Billion dollars. All Wound Up is a collection of essays from the Knitter's POV to the How to deal with a Non-Knitter and the sarcastic comments you would like to reply to them when they ask - "Oh, so your'e Knitting " when obviously you are. Included also is a variety of topics from Parenting , Friendship, Relationships and for those who love Crocheting - their's even a section written especially for you. As you read through her essays , Stephanie will have you in giggles as she recounts her different knitting experiences from In the Doctor's Office to on an Aeroplane.It’s clear that the Yarn Harlot aka Stephanie Pearl-McPhee  spends most of her time thinking deeply and philosophically about all things yarny and yarn related, and we all get to benefit from her musings. As usual, she had me laughing out loud, and, unexpectedly, she about had me in tears a couple times, too.
So Readers , If you haven’t yet explored Stephanie's Site "The Yarn Harlot" , and you like yarn or knitting even the teensiest little bit, then for the love of all things woolly, go and read something by her right now. You won’t regret it.

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