Review: Beyond the Grave - Mara Purnhagen


As the night creeps to an end - I have 2 hours to go on the Read-a-thon and I bring to you Book #6 , thanks to Netgalley.
Review: Beyond the Grave - Book #3 Past Midnight Series - Mara Purnhagen- August 2011
"Cemetries are like  Quiet peaceful islands slipped inside the forgotten corners of every busy city"
As the night creeps on and being October - the month of scares , I figured I would turn from Historical Fiction to a Supernatural Teen Fiction , bringing out Ghosts and Possessions.
Beyond the Grave by Mara Purnhagen is Book #3 in the Past Midnight Series , a series that focuses on the Silver family and their ghostly antics. If you are a fan of Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural , then this is the series for you as the Silver family make their money in seeing the dead , filming haunted buildings etc. In Book #2 Raising the Dead we read as a creature known as The Watcher was released, a demon of sorts and this caused tragedy for the Silver family and threw Charlotte's plans out of whack. Now in Book #3 Beyond The Grave we read as their mother is in a coma at the local hospital after being attacked by The Watcher, her dad strickened with grief and Charlotte herself now has to deal with full-blown panic attacks and has put off the idea of attending college out of state , so that she can  be close to look after her Dad. When it comes to the light that her family need the money from their latest project , Charlotte teams up with Shane and boyfriend Noah to finish the project, however something is up with Noah as he starts to act like he has a split personality , is he possessed ? What happened when Noah was filming at the prison ? With The Watcher on the loose, we meet Michael - a guardian of sorts -he is known as The Protector . Can Michael help heal Charlotte's mum and protect the Silver family from the creature known as The Watcher before anyone else gets hurt ? Can Noah be saved or is this the last we see of Noah as it starts to take him over ?
Find out in Beyond The Grave - book #3 of Past Midnight Series by Mara Purnhagen.


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